Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Short post :D

Hi everyone,I know that my blog is fulled of mushrooms now
So sorry for that :P
As u know,I am study in Taylor Subang Jaya now
I want share some feeling when I am here.
Ermm,the first week that I came,I felt so sad.
Seriously,I almost cry every night because of the stupid homesick
But now,hahaha,I already used to it.
My class is PM16,I meet a lot of new friends here!
Although we only know each other for 1 week++,but we seems so closed with each other!
I have no idea about this haha ;S
YeeVern,Liming,Sylvia,Edward,Shen,Ben,Kelvin,Kenny,LCC,Lijie,Simon are my family in KL now wahaha.
We went Sunway Lagoon,Sunway Pyramid,and our LOVELY AC cafe together ;3
AC and Sunway Pyramid are something like our second house I think.
We always lunch,dinner,movie in both places -.-
Are u guys wonder that I was so close to a guy named Edward?
He's a banana and kind guy that always send me back :D
Ya hahaha,we are closed to each other but it's just something that happen between Mond Mond and me.
Nothing happen between us except the pure friendship,so dun misunderstanding ya :D
We are just best best friends and sister ;p
Ps:I dunno y we will so closed to each other haha.
I am quite closed to my little Kenny and Shen too ;p
Kenny is a damn cutie guy that I feel I want to sayang him so much haha
Shen is a damn kind and nice guy!
He cares and concerns about me,Syl,YV,LM
I feel like so touch haha
About Simon,he is our class rep and he's a responsible guy
Ben,a loheng and humor person that always want to fight with Syl haha
Kelvin,for me,he's a mature and funny guys :D
LiJie,he's a friendly guy that have good relation with us.U will feel comfortable when together with him
LCC,Lcc is a smart and quiet boy for me haha.He can solve the question that I dunno.
My little Sylvia is a banana too,she's from Ibrahim;I am from Sin Min.But we dunno each other until the orientation day in Taylor.Wierd right?So I was Sticked with her from the first day of Orentation -.- Love!
My little LiMing is a Nice and Friendly Girl.She always fetch us to Sunway Pyramid haha.I Love her so much :*
My little YeeVern is a girl that always SS wahaha!she is so funny.We always viber and Skype to chit chat!Love her so much too! :*

There are only 4 girls and 8 boys in our gang haha
I am enjoying my college life with them
Love u all so much and much
But after one and half year,we need to separate again
Omggg,I dun want plssss

Because I am falling in love to all of u!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Singapore Trip Day 3 and 4 *Last*

Well,Finally my Singapore trip post come to last
Third day,we went shopping at IMM and Coarse Way Point.
Lunch in Subway,IMM
Nichi in Coasway Point,But I didn't buy it
Went Singapore Plaza and Orchard Road in the forth day.
All branded staff in Orchard Road.
I also bought my little Greyny in Singapore Plaza.
Damn Expenxive lar,$20 ;((
But both of us bought it also -.-
Oh ya,in orchard road,we went Forever 21.
Guys,Forever 21 there have 4 storeys!
Omgg,we almost fainted inside haha.

I love this in forever 21,but it's expensive so i du not buy it

Little Greyny

Bye Bye Singapore in 8 of Jan.
Our flight was 8.20 in the morning
So we woke up at 5.30 -.-

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Singapore trip Day 2

Waited for too long??
Opppss,Sryyy about that haha.
Okay okay,I wanna blog my Universal post here :)
It will be a long long post
We went Universal Studio in the secong day,5.1.12.
In the early morning,Junting and me were waken up by my mummy 
We had our breakfast in the market that near my flat.
I know it's sleepy face ;3
After breakfast,we went back to prepare.
We reach Universal at about 11.30 am.
The first thing we did---Took picture with the big big'ball'

Father help us to buy ticket and he leave us there after that.
It cost Sing Dollar $68 per person -.-
First,we took photos with the zombie and the cute popcorn car.
The map of Universal Studio[upload from web]
The street after the entrance
Rarrr,Zombie :)
Queuing to take photo with the zombie
Popcorn car
After taking photoss,we went to the Madagascar theme :)
Took photos with Alex,Melman,Gloria and Marty 
We bought a photos that be taken by the professional there.
1 Photo cost Sing Dollar $12
Damn expensive but it's too pretty so we bought it also lar ;p

The photos we bought ;)

We went for Madagascar:The Crate Adventure after that.
It is a river boat ride inside a cave to watch a story of 4 character.
It's amazing,the characters inside seems real!
Love it ;*
We also ride the merry go round -.-
On the boat

Marty inside the cave
Merry Go Round!

Second,We visited Far Far Away Castle.
The castle is not same as the castle in Disneyland.
The castle in Disneyland is Sleeping Beauty's castle but the castle in Universal is Shrek and Fiona's castle :)
Pretty Good :D
We watched Shrek 4D Adventure movie in the castle,so nice and excited
It's about how Shrek saved his wife,Fionna. lol
That's a small Drangon Roller Coaster inside the castle.
We ride it also.

Waiting for the movie

Jurassic Park was our next destination after the castle.
We ride Canopy Flyer and Flyer Dino there.
It's all about Dinasour and we only took few picture only.

Having our lunch in Mel's Drive In.
Some things like Mc Donald la I think.
But I love the Feel inside,it's same as New York there de shops.
Damn Love.

Our Lunch,$25 something
Went Ancient Egypt after lunch.
Ancient Egypt is a place has Mummy,Pyramid and so on.
There's a Indoor Roller Coaster---Revenge of Mummy there.
Wooo,Roller Coaster in darkness,we cant see anythings infront.
So 'siok' -.-

We also rode the Accelerator[something like spinning cup in Genting highland]

Hohoho,the most excited things came!
It's Sci-Fi City!
It has two Roller coaster there.
One is Human(red track),the other one is Cylon(blue track)
The roller coaster
Human is something like normal roller coaster lar,it's fast but do not turn 360 degree.
Of course Junting and me rode it without thinking too much
But Cylon...
We think very long time lur.
Because it's very scary lar.
First,your leg is put in the air,without the floor of roller coaster lar.
Errmm,I dunno how to explain lar,but u can see in the photos below
Like this,Understand what I mean?

The photo is the Cylon roller coaster that we rode.
Omgit turn upside down--360 degree for 5 times!
Both of us think think think
Finally,we rode it as we will not regret next time lur.
Our legs keep shivering when we were queuing for it because we heard ppl shouted like hell!
But I like it haha -.-

We went to watch the 4D Transformer Show----The Ride that was newly opened.
So u guys cant see the theme of Transformer inside the map that I uploaded because it's new.
We sit inside a roller coaster and watch the 4D movie!
It's my first time to watch 4D movie inside a roller coaster.
I love it so much and I highly recommended for it!
Damn nice!!

Went to Souvenir Shop and Candylicious to bought somethings.
I bought a Madagascar Shirt for ** and a Melman key chain for myself.
Chocolate too ! :)

My uncle came to fetch us at 9.00pm and brought us to dinner.
I love Universal so much!!